Why Bags?

How many bags have you purchased in the past year? Have you spent more than your pay check just on one bag? Did you sacrifice traveling to Europe or continued to ignore the “check engine” light on your car just so you can buy a new bag? What is this strong appeal women have on expensive bags and what drives them to make these sacrifices?

After working in the fashion industry and observing how women interact, bags are more than just an accessory,  it’s an outward expression of individualism compartmentalized all in one bag.

Designer bags represent a woman’s status, fashion style, and independence. Women are no longer the stereotypical “stay at home” moms. They’re out working and proudly expressing to the world their independence.

But not only are designer bags an indicator of women’s self reliance, but functional to carry “essential” products that they must have at all times. From mobile phone, wallet, make-up, and keys to tampons, chewing gum, condoms and even extra pair of socks, bags are more than just a reflection of who they are, but also modern day survival kits to make it throughout the day.

So why designer bags? Well that brings us to a slightly bigger picture: we are all blank canvases and the clothes we wear are a reflection of our individualism. I believe bags are the sprinkle on top of the whip cream. It adds that extra color and sparkle to the overall dessert, which makes it look and taste that much better.

Does the bag always have to be a designer brand? For some people, maybe; but I strongly believe you don’t need to have one in order to look good. That’s why I created my own bag company BAGSLUT. I love bags and our products are fashionable and unique in style to accentuate everyday outfit. Also, our prices are fair and affordable so that you can multiply your looks throughout each season. I’m a true BAGSLUT, because one bag is never enough.

I hope my first post gives you an idea of what my company is about and if you love bags as much as we do, I hope to see you at my shop at www.bagslut.com.

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